Condolences money

One of my colleague was come around asking me if I knew another colleague. He was working with me on the first project I have ever done as the construction coordinator. He was a very nice man who does things quite patiently a rare personality for someone of his role. She told me quite unemotionally that his son had just passed away.

He was posted to Zhuhai for a project but I saw him about 2 weeks ago when he was back in Singapore for a holiday with his family. As he was closer to the guy sharing the same extension with me therefore he always comes round to chat with him when he is back. I recall talking happily with him on job prospects and experience of working in China. And he even mentioned bringing his family for holidays before going back to Zhuhai for work.

She just wanted to collect condolences money for him, I try to ask her what had happen but she replied me flatly that his son had passed away. I handed her the money and wrote my name on a piece of paper provided. She was off before I know it.

Lack of information from this unconcerned colleague disturbs me. Wonder how is he doing.

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